Halloween Decorations On A Budget

Posted: October 24, 2013 in Guest Posts
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As Halloween is right around the corner, here’s a guest post to get you in the mood. Today’s contribution comes from Rachael Largent who is a content creator that enjoys writing about Halloween decorations and clever crafts. Enjoy!


Trying to make your own Halloween decorations? Trying to decorate your house for the upcoming holiday without going over budget? It can be done and it can be done well. You can have fabulously spooky and scary Halloween decorations and stay on your budget.

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Haunted Library Books
    Using simple colored paper, pens, markers, Sharpies, and crayons you can create haunted Halloween based library books. Write the words “Spooky,” “Scary,” “Haunted,” and “Hocus Pocus” on the spines then try to add fun little pictures of bats, pumpkins, spider webs, black cauldrons, and witches.
  • Pumpkin Flower Vase
    Use hollowed out pumpkins as Halloween vases to place orange, red, and yellow fake, or real, flowers. They work great because they serve as a vase and as a Halloween decoration.
  • Spooky Halloween Lantern Jugs Create fun Halloween lanterns using milk jugs. Simply save and clean out a couple of milk jugs, then get a black marker, a craft knife, and a string of holiday lights. Draw mouths and eyes using the black marker and on the back of the jug cut a hole to stuff the lights into. Make a strand of these fun spooky Halloween lanterns.
  • Scary Skeleton
    Scary skeletons can also be made with plastic milk jugs and pipes. These materials might seem cheap but the results are astonishing. They make a larger-than-life skeleton that can be easily positioned inside or outside. It’s ideal for those terrified trick-or-treaters at the front door and is also a fun project to do with kids. The steps are simple and the skeleton is designed to be taken apart for easy storing. It also recycles old milk jugs.

 Skeleton Instructions

Eight things you’ll need: 7 Clean and Dry Gallon Milk Jugs, Wax Pencil or Crayon, Craft Snips or Scissors, String or Fishing Line for Hanging, Approx. 40, Yards of String or Yard to Ties all the parts together, Glow in the Dark Paint, Paint Brush, and a Hole Punch.

Eight Easy Steps:

First, save seven milk jugs and make sure to clean them out thoroughly. Second, take four jugs and cut out the hands and feet, make sure to use the hole punch at the top of the feet and hand jugs; or towards the area where you know you will connect the jugs with string. Third, two jugs then need heir handles cut out to make the shoulder of the skeleton. Punch a hole at the jug side (this will connect to head) and then two more holes on the other side. (This will likely be on the side that will connect to the body). Fourth, grab one plastic jug and draw a face on it that you will be able to cut out ­later. Once that is completed punch two holes at the milk jug tip…Or otherwise the skeleton’s neck.

Fifth, take another milk jug and draw the rib cage on it. Then cut it out and punch two holes in each side of the opening. Sixth, now for the hips. This part is a little tricky. Take one well cleaned milk jug and cut out a big opening in it to look like a hip. To make the process easier use a marker to draw the outline of the hip. Seventh, have two jugs ready for cutting. Take one and cut out four long bones, this will be the arms of the skeleton. Now take the other jug and cut out four long bones for the legs. Lastly, punch a hole in each end of all the bones you cut out. Eighth, use sixteen pieces of string to tie all the pieces of the skeleton together.

  • Halloween Paper Chains Halloween Paper Chains are commonly used to count down to Halloween. Make the chain with fall/Halloween colors and then chop one off as it nears the night of frights. The only materials are art paper (colors of your choice), scissors, and tape or stapler. Simply cut the art paper into a total of thirty strips into approximately 2” strips. Round a strip into a circle and tape or staple the ends where the art paper comes together. Take another strip of construction paper and loop it through the other finished circle and repeat the process. Happy chaining!



Well there you have it – a whole heap of ideas to turn your house into a spooktacular haunted house! Why not have a go at making some of Rachael’s creations, then posting a picture of it hanging up in your house?

TIll next time,


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